• MEA-MFT et al. v. McCullogh

    Ruled LR123 unconstitutional, which would have required the state to automatically refund half of any projected budget surplus.

  • Baird v. Norwest Bank

    Established that the Montana Consumer Protection Act applies against banking abuses.

  • Coutts v. McCullouch

    Successfully defended I-164, the initiative banning excessive interest charged by pay-day lenders.

  • Ridley v. Guaranty National Insurance Company

    Required insurers to pay on-going medical costs of injured people when liability is clear.

  • State v. Phillip Morris et al

    The tobacco case. Largest settlement ever in Montana.

  • Weeks v. State of Montana

    Largest pre-trial settlement against the state of Montana.

  • Lamping et al. v. American Home Products et al

    The fen Phen case. Montanas first and only medical monitoring class action.

  • In re Documents 1,2 and 3, U.S. v. Kaczynski

    Represented New York Times seeking public access to FBI documents in the Unabomber case.

  • Stormont v. National Fire Union Insurance Co. of Pittsburg

    Largest Unfair Insurance Claims Settlement Practices verdict in Montana.

  • McCall v. Bonneville Power Administration

    Established that the United States government has a non-delegable duty to provide a safe workplace.

  • MEIC v. DEQ

    Established that the right to a clean and healthful environment is a fundamental right for all Montanans.

  • North 93 Neighbors v. Flathead County and Citizens for Responsible Development

    Defined environmental review required by local governments in land use decisions.

  • Clark Fork Coalition v. DEQ

    Established that state agencies must take a hard look at environmental impacts of their actions.

  • Bozeman Daily Chronicle v. City of Bozeman

    Recognized the publics right to know about government employee wrongdoing.

  • Swingley, et. al. v. Montana Highway Patrol

    $7,650,000 settlement of class action for overtime pay on behalf of Highway Patrol officers.

  • Jaksha v. Butte-Silver Bow County

    Established that the maximum hiring age requirement for firefighters was unconstitutional.

  • Tracy v. City of Missoula

    Established the broad protections of the Montana reporters shield privilege.

  • Walker vs. Solomon Smith Barney

    Largest individual employment arbitration award obtained by a Montana lawyer ($1.8 million).

  • Williams v. Norwest Corporation

    Class action resulting in the first and largest Cy Pres Award in Montana.